The most expensive university in the world?

The average cost of attending a public university in Canada is now $26,845.That’s up by $1,100 from last year, according to data released by the Canadian Council for Research in Education.In the United States, the average tuition costs for undergraduates in 2016 were $26.1 million.In 2018, the cost of a year’s tuition was $27,842 in […] →Read more

University of Colorado to raise tuition by more than $2,500

BERKELEY, Calif.(Reuters) – The University of California, Berkeley, plans to raise its tuition by nearly $2.4 million to help cover a projected $10 million shortfall due to an unexpected spike in enrollments from the massive earthquake that devastated the state earlier this year, the university said on Wednesday.The university, one of the most prominent in […] →Read more

‘We’ll not be intimidated’: Tulane to welcome back some of its alumnus, ‘we’re the same’

Tulane University will open its doors again for football season in the fall, the university announced Wednesday.The alumnos of the Tulane Fighting Tigers and Tulane Tigers of the Atlantic Coast Conference have each been invited to return to the program, Tulane President Robert L. Smith said in a statement.The alumnas have not announced their intentions […] →Read more

Which universities should you go to?

You can learn about a school by its logo.That’s it.That alone tells you something about it.In most cases, that’s all you need to know about a university.But there are a few notable exceptions, like Brown University.For instance, Brown is known for its iconic logo, a symbol of the university’s rich tradition of liberal arts education.The […] →Read more

Texas rice university to close due to ‘serious threat’

A Texas rice University of Texas is set to close its doors in April, just weeks after a deadly shooting that left six dead at the campus.According to a press release from the Rice University, the decision was made after the university received multiple threats over the past month.“Rice University is taking the extraordinary step […] →Read more

How to watch the Eurovision song contest in the States

The best of the best at Eurovision 2017 are set to headline a handful of US shows on Wednesday.With the world’s biggest pop group of the moment set to be joined by a host of US acts on the big stage, it’s time to tune in to the big screen.As you’d expect, there are plenty […] →Read more

Universities of Maine graduate more than $1 billion

Students at the University of Maines in Germany are expected to be the biggest beneficiaries of a major shakeup at the German school, with graduates from the state’s top universities accounting for almost a quarter of the new jobs created in the region. The new university, set up to train graduates from state universities and other […] →Read more

When students want a university education, you’ll have to pay

A lot of students are getting into university on scholarship, a source for more than 20 per cent of the student population in Scotland said today.University Students Scotland said it was aware of an increasing number of students taking up university study abroad, but said that most of these students were likely to stay at […] →Read more

What you need to know about the death of the Appalachian State University football player

ANCHORAGE, Ga.— Georgia Tech quarterback Jacob Eason died of injuries sustained during an off-campus party last weekend, a school statement said Monday.Eason was one of nine players who attended a party at a house in Anacostia on Saturday night.The university said in a statement that Eason, who was a senior, died on Sunday.More than 1,500 […] →Read more

When Is the Big Ten’s Biggest Rivalry Coming?

The Big Ten is going to be the conference that brings the Big 12’s conference title to Madison Square Garden.And they’re doing it in a way that has to be applauded.It’s hard to envision the Big East coming into the Big XII, which is a bigger conference, but if they get the chance to take […] →Read more