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  • How to create a high quality online presence for your company

    The internet is not an isolated phenomenon and it is happening in the same way that a small company can grow in the face of increasing competition.The internet enables businesses to reach customers faster and more effectively, and these days there is plenty of opportunity for companies to expand their reach online and reach consumers […]

  • How to find the best colleges and universities in Australia

    The best places to live in Australia.This infographic highlights the top 50 universities and colleges for each state and territory.The infographic is from a new study commissioned by the Australia Institute, which is a non-profit organisation that promotes and encourages the Australian education system.The institute’s co-founder and CEO, Professor Simon Tait, says Australia’s public universities […]

  • How Google’s new ‘Google Glass’ will change the world

    When Google’s Glass was first announced in late 2016, its main selling point was the ability to see in augmented reality.Now, Google is making Glass available for the first time as a standalone accessory.In a Google+ post, Google’s head of product marketing and advertising, Tom Neumeier, said that Glass is designed to be a great […]

  • The world’s first ‘smart’ thermostat uses your body to control it

    I’m in the process of getting a new thermostatic unit from Xavier University.The new unit has a new LED display that will help you see when it’s time to switch off.It has a touchscreen, and I have the capability to use voice commands to set the temperature.The unit is designed to help students stay on […]

  • Columbia, UCLA graduate program launches, new programs to fund students

    LAS VEGAS — Columbia University and UCLA graduate programs announced Friday they will launch a joint initiative to provide a pathway for students to earn degrees in fields such as technology and business.The programs will be launched in the fall of 2019, when students who graduated from Columbia and UCLA will be eligible to transfer […]

  • How to Get Your College To Pay Your Tuition Now

    What’s the difference between a university degree and a university diploma? If you want to get a college degree, you’ll need to earn an official “tuition” from the school. You’re supposed to pay the school your own tuition, but the government of the state of Iowa has a program that allows colleges to give out tuition waivers […]

  • How a Catholic university helped transform a religious tradition

    Xavier University in Xavier, Louisiana, is one of a handful of American Catholic universities that have successfully converted the traditional mission of a Jesuit university to that of a religious institution.A new report shows that while some American universities have done so successfully, it has been difficult to do so on a national level.This article […]

  • Students’ anger over racism, hate speech at MU ‘not just a matter of identity’

    MU students are demanding the university take action after their university’s students’ union voted to ban a racist video that mocked Black Lives Matter protesters.“I am disgusted that this was even brought up,” said senior Deanna Brown, one of more than 100 students who signed a petition opposing the video’s release.“We’re talking about people that […]

  • West Coast University announces three-year plan for research

    It has emerged that the University of West Australia (UWA) has a plan to build a new research centre and upgrade the existing facilities.UWA Chief Executive Professor of Psychology Ian Chappell said the research centre was to be developed in partnership with the University and that it would help to create an even more sustainable […]

  • How to use the internet in an airport

    NEW YORK – As a traveller, you’re in a position to watch news from around the world, but how do you navigate your way through the crowds?The answer is online: The internet.That’s according to Bridgestone CEO Jim Meeks, who has spent years trying to find a way to streamline the airline’s operations while allowing passengers […]

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