“The world of tomorrow” is coming, as universities embrace blockchain and AI

The world of academia is finally embracing blockchain and artificial intelligence, according to an article by the Next Big Forward Network (NBN) in a blog post titled “The future of academia”.

According to the author, the article was written in conjunction with the annual conference, Next Big Futures.

The conference is being held this year in Atlanta, Georgia.

The conference aims to explore the opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of technology to make us better and more efficient and the role of AI in the future of education.NBN founder, Daniel Levinson, and other prominent blockchain thinkers are expected to speak at the conference.

Nordic blockchain, which is based on a blockchain technology, allows organisations and individuals to store and control data across multiple computers, with no central authority.

The article explains how blockchain and the technology behind it are changing the way we organise and interact with our data.NBS author and CEO of Next BigFuture, Adam Lang, told Next Bigfuture: “The blockchain revolution has arrived.

We are seeing the power of blockchain as a disruptive technology.

There is now a growing and vibrant ecosystem of technology innovators and startups investing in blockchain and building new platforms for real-time data and analytics.

We believe that blockchain is the future, and the future is now.”