How to tell if your employer is a scammer: the Harvard MBA grad

Harvard MBA graduate Matthew Lutz was fired from his job as a recruiter at a Boston-based pharmaceutical company after a complaint.

Lutz says he was terminated for being “too good” at his job.

“I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m a perfect person.

But I’ve done my job,” he says in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

“It’s not about the work I’ve put in.

It’s about the quality of my work.”

The company, which has about 400 employees, says Lutz did not meet their quality standards and was terminated.

But Lutz believes he was fired because he “made a mistake” and the company did not want to be associated with him.

Lutsen, who is also an attorney, says the company made it clear that the termination was for poor performance.

“I believe they knew I was a bad fit for the position,” he told ABC News.

“They knew I had a long history of unethical behavior, which they didn’t disclose to the people I hired.”

Lutz says his experience was different from the ones he had experienced in other companies.

He says he had been working at the firm for less than three months and had just finished his final semester.

“We were recruiting for a position where they had to be in a certain age range to apply,” he said.

But when he interviewed for a job as part of the program, he was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The agreement stated that he would be protected from the company and could not discuss what was being discussed, and that he could not be fired for speaking up about his concerns.

Lutz, who was told he was not qualified to fill the job, says he signed the agreement but was not allowed to discuss it with his co-workers.

He says he learned about the company’s behavior by reading about it on the internet and was told it was because of his “bad” reviews.

Lutz is a member of the Black Lawyers for Justice program.

He told ABC that he was never offered a position and that his only experience with the program was working at a law firm and was not familiar with the company.

After the video was posted, Lutz wrote on his Facebook page that he had reached out to the company for an explanation.

“The company has denied my allegations and will do everything they can to get me out of this,” he wrote.

However, Lutssen says he will not be able to work at the company, since the company “cannot hire someone like me because they have a history of misconduct.”

He said the company is still trying to get him reinstated.

Luttens legal team, which is representing him, has not returned ABC News’ calls for comment.ABC News’ Ashley Davenport contributed to this report.