‘We’ll not be intimidated’: Tulane to welcome back some of its alumnus, ‘we’re the same’

Tulane University will open its doors again for football season in the fall, the university announced Wednesday.

The alumnos of the Tulane Fighting Tigers and Tulane Tigers of the Atlantic Coast Conference have each been invited to return to the program, Tulane President Robert L. Smith said in a statement.

The alumnas have not announced their intentions for the coming season.

“The University of Tulane and the Tulanans football team have a long and proud history.

The Tulane football team is the University’s proudest tradition and the best program in the state,” Smith said.

“The alumni are excited to welcome our football players back to Tulane.

We will not be deterred and will welcome them with open arms.

Tulane is the best place in the world to play.”

Tulane has not yet announced its football season schedule.

Tulane had a 2-6 record in 2015 after playing in the Football Championship Subdivision for the first time since the 1990-91 season.

In a season when it lost its top-ranked opponent, the Texas A&M Aggies, to the SEC, Tulanes fans had to fight for their program.

Tulanes was ranked in the top 10 for the fourth consecutive year.

Tulan lost to Texas Tech 42-34 in the final.

In an email to The Associated Press, Tulan athletics director Mike Dittmar said he would “always be proud of what our football program has accomplished in recent years and look forward to welcoming back many of our alumnines.”

He said the university was working with Tulane’s athletic department to determine a date for the return of its football players.

“Tulanes football program was one of the best in the country, with two undefeated seasons, the largest victory margin in the nation, a number of national championship appearances and numerous other awards,” Dittamp said.

The Tigers had three SEC titles, three Atlantic Coast conference championships, two SEC championships and two ACC titles.

The athletic department did not provide an exact breakdown of the alumnias numbers or the length of their careers.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.