How to watch the Eurovision song contest in the States

The best of the best at Eurovision 2017 are set to headline a handful of US shows on Wednesday.

With the world’s biggest pop group of the moment set to be joined by a host of US acts on the big stage, it’s time to tune in to the big screen.

As you’d expect, there are plenty of TV shows and films that will help you catch the show and, in the case of US television, it’ll be hard to go wrong.

Here are the best.

A bit of history and geography in the lead-up to the Euroviz The Eurovision Song Contest is a hugely popular international competition for the promotion of music, dance and entertainment.

It’s hosted by a committee of public and private organisations, the judges are chosen by public opinion, and there’s no entry fee.

In 2012, a group of former Soviet Union students created the Eurovideo platform for Eurovision to help promote the show. 

It has been in operation since 2013, with Eurovision’s official start date now 2020. 

The show has been held every two years since its inception in 1968.

In 2014, the first ever official show took place in Russia, but the first event in the United States was held in 2018, which saw two groups of Swedish bands, the Vocaloids and Swedish House Mafia, compete in the song contest.

The first ever contest took place on January 1, 2018 in Berlin. 

In 2018, the Eurovviz held its first show in the US, which featured performances by both Swedish and American groups. 

Swedish House Mafia won the contest, and Swedish Vocaloid and American group, Swedish Houseband, were also represented.

In 2020, the second ever contest, held in New York City, was held. 

That year, both American and Swedish bands competed, with the first winner of the contest being Swedish House Band.

In 2019, Eurovision reached its peak, with more than 300 acts competing in the contest.

This included performances by more than 50 groups, including pop stars, indie rockers, rock groups and even opera singers.

The winner of that year’s contest was Swedish House band.

The final competition of Eurovision in 2020 was held a week later in Helsinki, Finland. 

A record number of acts participated in the show, including American singer-songwriter and Eurovision veteran Michael Bublé, British musician and Eurovitz finalist Ellie Goulding and American pop singer Katy Perry.

In 2022, Eurovision took another step towards being the biggest pop music event in history.

The first ever performance was held at the Stadion Olympiad Arena in Helsinki.

In the first performance of a new song, Swedish singer-writer and singer-guitarist Anna Malin joined British pop superstar Ariana Grande, US pop singer Selena Gomez and American singer Katy Taylor. 

Eurovision’s first performance in the USA took place the following year, and the following years the shows took place at the National Stadium in Washington, DC, and in the Coliseum in Philadelphia. 

This year, there will be the first time a European artist has won the competition, as a trio of Swedish acts, The Kills, Jauz and Disclosure, will be taking part.