Wauwatosa High School players get $40K scholarship to Waupun College

A high school football team in Wisconsin will get $20,000 for the first-ever scholarship to a Waupaca College student-athlete.

The Wisconsin High School Football Club, which is part of Waupoquos football program, said the scholarship was given to senior forward Deonte Brown.

It was first reported by the Waupeeonion Times.

The Wauquos are part of the Wisconsin State Association of Clubs and Organizations.

The Wauopquos were formed in 2015.

The school’s football team is a member of the WSAO and has a combined team record of 13-15-1.

The scholarship is to be used to pay tuition for a minimum of two years and includes room and board, as well as transportation expenses, a car, health insurance, an athletic scholarship, and an athletic apparel scholarship.

The scholarship is non-transferable.

The full-time football players and their parents are eligible to participate.