Rutgers to increase football stadium capacity by 2,200 seats

Rutgers University officials say they will increase football seating capacity by a total of 2,800 seats to meet a new University of Tennessee policy that would allow more than double the number of seats per stadium for football games.

In a news release, Rutgers said it has also created an Academic Excellence Center to help students gain valuable experiential experience at Rutgers.

The university said the capacity increase is expected to be effective by July 1.

The policy, passed by the state Senate in April, was created after Tennessee lawmakers voted to limit stadium seating to 18,500 seats, but the university said it would expand to 24,000 seats.

Rutgers and the University of Memphis both had plans to move up the number, which would have been a significant increase over what they already have in place.

The University of Florida and Auburn University each plan to move their stadiums up to 24 and 20,000, respectively.

Rutges athletic director Ray Watts said in a news conference on Friday that the new seats are expected to bring about $1 million in annual revenue.

“I think there is no question the additional seats are going to be a significant financial boon to our university,” Watts said.

“We’re talking $1.6 million in a year for athletics and student-athlete salaries.”

Ruthers athletic director Kevin Coyle also said the seats will add about $2 million in income.

The football stadium is the largest in the university’s history and seats about 9,500 people.