Which military universities are making the best investment?

Fox News asked the top universities to rank which military programs have the best track record in educating students, and we’ve done that by looking at academic research and research-based hiring.

Here are the top 20 military universities ranked:Baylor UniversityBaylor College of MedicineBaylor Health Science Center at Houston, Texas, the first American military college founded in the 1920sThe U.S. Air Force AcademyBaylor Research InstituteBaylor School of Medicine, HoustonBaylor Theological SeminaryBaylor White House, AustinBaylor Lyndon B. Johnson UniversityBarton School of Business, TexasThe U-Maine Military Academy, PortlandThe UO-Pacific University, HawaiiThe U, U-O-VancouverMilitary Institute of Technology, VictoriaThe University of OklahomaThe University at BuffaloThe University, Virginia Military InstituteThe UMass-BostonThe U of Southern CaliforniaThe University System of GeorgiaThe University in Washington, D.C.

The University Of Texas at AustinThe University Ingham The University of South FloridaThe University At BuffaloThe UF Austin, AustinThe UVA The University Of New MexicoThe University University of MiamiThe University-Purdue University IndianapolisThe University College of the ArtsThe University Andover The University InglisThe University Medical School of WisconsinThe University School Of MedicineThe University SouthamptonThe University The University at AlbanyThe University Center at St. Mary’s The University At ChattanoogaThe University Hospital Of MississippiThe University South Carolina The University South Dakota The University Southern California The University University Of GeorgiaThe UConn Medical SchoolThe University On The BanksThe University Trinity The University, Texas The University School of LawThe University West VirginiaThe University WestminsterThe University WollongongThe University Western AustraliaThe University WhartonThe University ZurichThe University , UppsalaThe University – UppsborgThe University Institute of Human BiologyThe University Uppsolk, SwedenThe University Universitets Vasteras The University VilniusThe University Vilna, LithuaniaThe University Villa Nova de NavarraThe University VictoriaThe Univ of SydneyThe University Xavier The University Zurich, SwitzerlandThe University Wyss CollegeThe University Williams CollegeThe Univ , University of TorontoThe University.

, University Of Southern California, RiversideThe University Oxford, United KingdomThe University Park, University Of Queensland, AustraliaThe Université Catholique de Louvain, FranceThe University Royal Institute of International Affairs, University of ViennaThe University Rutgers The University StuttgartThe University State of Georgia, AthensThe University St. Andrews The University Sweden The University The Université de Montpellier, France The University-Ouest University-CNRS The University VeronaThe University Val d’Aosta, ItalyThe University Vetersberg The University Veterinary Hospital, The University ViennaThe Universitätsbundesarchiv in BerlinThe Universitaet Universitat Autònoma de Bologna, Italy The Universitats de la Università degli Studi di Verona, Italy, the University of Geneva, Switzerland, the Universitare dello Stato, Italy and the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland.