How to fix the #FakeNews problem in college sports

Here are some of the best ways to fix a problem in your college sports coverage.1.

Stop using the word “college” or “college athletics” when referring to college sports.

That’s just a terrible way to describe college sports and you don’t need to use the word in your coverage.2.

Stop making fun of the NCAA for using a hashtag like #NCAARutgers.

The NCAA is not going to make jokes about the #NCAACad as long as it does so with the proper context.3.

Stop labeling the NCAA tournament “the NCAA Championships” and replace it with “The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship.”

It’s a joke.4.

Stop referring to teams as “The Big Ten Conference” or the “Big Ten Conference Elite” or simply “The conference.”

This is an inappropriate and insulting way to refer to a college basketball tournament and you will be penalized for it.5.

Stop calling teams “Big 12” or other conferences.

These terms are a misnomer and the Big 12 Conference is not the Big Ten.6.

Stop talking about the NCAA Tournament as a “College Basketball Championship” or a “Big East Tournament.”

This has nothing to do with college basketball, it’s a conference tournament.7.

Stop confusing the NCAA Championship with the National Championship.

It’s not.8.

Stop comparing teams in the tournament to the NBA Finals or any other championship game.

The NBA is a separate event from the NCAA Championships.9.

Stop trying to use NCAA Tournament brackets as a way to determine which team is the best in college basketball.

They are not.10.

Stop giving the NCAA a pass for not making its own brackets available to the public.

There are a few teams who have not used them to determine their best chances of winning the tournament.11.

Stop ignoring the “big three” conferences and the “five power conferences.”

They are the best conferences in the country.12.

Stop assuming the NCAA is a league, even though it is a private, independent association.

It isn’t.13.

Stop not covering the NCAA Final Four.

This year, the NCAA used a different format for the tournament, and that’s not fair to the teams or the fans who supported them.14.

Stop focusing on the NCAA women’s basketball tournament.

This is the women’s college basketball championship.

The best tournament in college athletics.15.

Stop saying that the NCAA men’s college baseball tournament is the NCAA Baseball Championship.

That is a ridiculous thing to say.16.

Stop complaining about the lack of NCAA Division I women’s tennis.

There is one.17.

Stop asking if there is a “major tournament” or if there’s a “championship tourney.”

These are non-title-level tournaments that happen only once in a decade.18.

Stop telling people to watch a college football game on ESPN instead of on TV.

There isn’t one.19.

Stop taking away the opportunity to watch college football or college basketball at home on cable TV.

You have to pay for it, and you should pay for this stuff.20.

Stop putting together the College Football Playoff without considering what that means to the tournament itself.

It is an independent tournament that only occurs once in 20 years.21.

Stop mentioning the NCAA Women’s basketball Tournament without making it clear that it is not affiliated with the NCAA.

It has no affiliation.22.

Stop changing the name of the Big East Tournament to the Big Eight Tournament.

That doesn’t make it a separate tournament.23.

Stop discussing a tournament’s format in a way that is misleading or dismissive of the participants.

There will be more than one championship.24.

Stop going after the NCAA, NCAA basketball, and NCAA tennis.

This will be a huge distraction for the league.25.

Stop playing games of “Who’s in first place?” in your daily college sports news.

This should be done for the entire year.26.

Stop throwing shade at college football players who have made their way through the NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 rankings and then have made it into the NCAA National Championship game.27.

Stop writing about the upcoming NCAA Women in Athletics Championships.

This won’t happen.28.

Stop treating the NCAA basketball tournament like a baseball or a tennis tournament.

It won’t.29.

Stop pointing out the NCAA Men in Basketball Championship as a good way to beat the SEC.

The men’s basketball championship is not a good reason to beat Alabama.30.

Stop covering the men’s and women’s golf championship.

They aren’t.31.

Stop listing the teams on a bracket as the “Top 5 in the nation.”

It isn-32.

Stop counting teams in college baseball and football as the top 5 in college football.

They don’t.33.

Stop suggesting that the Big 16 or Big Ten is the Big 8 or Big 12.

This isn’t fair.34.

Stop citing the top