When is Universal Studios coming to London?

A new rumor has been circulating that Universal Studios London will be joining the Universal Studios Australia and New Zealand franchises.

According to the report, Universal will be reopening the doors of the parks in 2020 and 2021.

The Universal Studios Melbourne and Orlando will reopen in 2021.

Universal is also working on a new Universal Studios in Hong Kong.

In 2018, Universal Studios Japan opened to the public.

According the report by The Times, the company is also looking at developing a Universal Studios theme park in South Korea.

The company has also been looking at the possibility of opening Universal Studios parks in other countries.

Universal Studios China and Universal Studios Asia will open in 2020.

Universal’s theme park development is also in progress.

According a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the U.S. park is slated to open in 2021, with a planned capacity of 6.8 million people.

The theme park is expected to be the largest theme park of all time.