Anuradha Prakash Sharma says she’s ‘disgusted’ with students for demanding the Prime Minister’s resignation

Anuridh Sharma, a second-year student at Albany State University in New York, is not a fan of students who are demanding the resignation of President Donald Trump.

Anuradh Sharma is an Indian-American who studied English and is a second year student at the University of Albany in New Jersey.

“It’s not about me or my generation, it’s about what we can learn from our ancestors.

What we have learnt from our grandparents and our ancestors, the past is what we want to be remembered and what we feel is important,” Sharma told NDTV.

Sharma was a member of the student senate for the past two years.

During the summer, she said, students demanded that the Prime Minster resign.

This is an issue that needs to be debated in a serious way, she added.

According to Sharma, the demand is a reaction to the fact that there are students who have left the campus after the protest was triggered by a photo of President Trump, which has been widely circulated.

Students say they want the resignation because they feel the school is a place where they can learn, Sharma said.

She said she was one of the first to get into the protest because she wanted to share her views with her classmates.

Sharma said she is not alone in her views.

“I have been to every single event I have participated in on this issue, even the protest against Trump, and the number of times I have asked them, ‘What are you trying to do?

Are you trying, are you making a scene?’

And they said, ‘We’re here to learn, we’re here for our community.

We’re here as students, we want our voices heard,'” she said.