Alabama universities: All-Time Top 10% list

Alabama universities, all-time leaders, have been ranked for most important positions in the US by Forbes.

The annual list ranks the nation’s top 20 most important institutions based on a variety of factors including their academic performance, research output, and global influence.

The list also takes into account the number of top 10% ranking spots and the number on the list for each of the other 20 rankings.

Alabama University, historically one of the best public research universities in the country, sits atop the list, earning an all-around top spot for five years in a row.

The University of Alabama is considered a national leader in research in science and technology, a STEM field.

The University of Cincinnati is second on the ranking with four universities topping the list: UC Berkeley, Ohio State University, the University of Texas, and Rice University.

Other notable additions include Carnegie Mellon University, Rutgers University, Northwestern University, and the University at Buffalo.

In addition to the University and University of Michigan, there are also three other institutions that have earned the highest ranking on the top 10%: New York University, Harvard University, Duke University, Caltech.

The rankings are based on research output and international influence.