A new university in Colorado is coming to campus

NEW YORK — A new school in Colorado, a $3 billion public university, will be the largest in the United States.

The Colorado Springs City Council voted unanimously to open a $7 million, 1,200-acre campus in the city’s downtown neighborhood, where the state’s first publicly funded public university is located.

Students will be able to choose from four majors, including computer science, business and technology, economics and engineering, and environmental studies.

“We are excited to be opening up our campuses to the community, and our community will benefit from a variety of research opportunities in our facilities,” said Councilwoman Marylou Hinton.

At the Colorado Springs campus, students will study computer science and the intersection of computer science with the arts, including painting, drawing, theater and dance.

They will be learning how to code in the Denver School of Architecture.

The university will offer a bachelor’s degree in computer science that will transfer to the University of Colorado Boulder in a two-year program.

Students will also have access to the university’s advanced degrees, which are in areas like computer vision and artificial intelligence.

The city’s budget allows for a new public university to open at the same time as a new school, but the city is also looking for private money to build a new building for the new school.

Hinton said she’s not worried about the public school’s financial status.

The first students are expected to arrive by June 2020.