More than a year after it began, a study to study the ‘Merry Christmas’ slogan continues – RTE 2 title More time, less money for ‘Mere Christmas’ campaign?

More than three years after it started, a report commissioned by the Association of Chief Police Officers and published this week by the Institute of Chief Officers says the slogan has not made a dent in reducing the numbers of people in custody.

It is “a clear and significant deterrent”, says the report, which was commissioned by police chiefs, and was obtained by the Sunday Independent.

The report found that a “significant” reduction in those entering the community from January 2016 to April 2017 had been achieved.

The study found that the overall number of people entering the Community Support Unit, which includes jails, had decreased from 14,621 to 13,766, while the number entering the police station had decreased by 7,974.

The authors said the campaign had been “significantly” successful in “signifying a real change in attitude” among the community towards crime.

The Department of Justice and Home Affairs (DoJ) said it welcomed the report’s findings and hoped the findings could “help the police and communities work towards the goal of reducing crime”.

The Department for Communities and Local Government said the DoJ was “committed to improving public safety and protecting the rights and welfare of people living in deprived communities”.