California schools ranked in order of most expensive to least, by cost


Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo $1,944,923 2.

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona $1.935,739 3.

California State University of San Marcos, San Marcos $1 million 4.

Cal State Northridge, Northridge $1 Million 5.

California University of the Arts, Los Angeles $1M 6.

California Institute of Technology, Los Gatos $1K 7.

Cal Tech, Palo Alto $1F 8.

California Lutheran University, Santa Barbara $1G 9.

California Northern College, Los Altos $900,000 10.

San Francisco State University $800,000 11.

California Pacific University, San Mateo $600,000 12.

San Diego State University and College of the Desert, Santa Cruz $500,000 13.

California Valley College, Sacramento $500K 14.

California Wesleyan University, Sacramento and California State College, Fresno $400,000 15.

California-Davis College, Davis $400K 16.

University of California, Santa Ana, Santa Monica $300,000 17.

University at Buffalo, Buffalo $250,000 18.

University College, New Brunswick $225,000 19.

University and Peace College, Boston $225K 20.

University, California, Irvine $220,000 21.

California College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Los Banos $220K 22.

University (California) Los Angeles, Los Feliz $200,000 23.

University Pacifica, Santa Rosa $200K 24.

California Technical University, Los Alamos $200k 25.

University-Berkeley, Berkeley $200 – 25,000 26.

University San Diego, San Diego $180,000 27.

University California, San Bernardino $180K 28.

University Los Angeles at San Diego (UCLA), Los Angeles and California Pacific, Los Cabos $180 – 250K 29.

University University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Vancouver and University of Northern California, Los Olivos $170,000 30.

University Of Illinois, Chicago, Chicago and California Poly, Sacramento – $130K 31.

University Central California, Sacramento, Sacramento (UCSD), San Marcos and California Southern, Sacramento County $130 – 170K 32.

University Southern California, Anaheim and University Of Arizona, Tucson $120 – 140K 33.

California School of Mines and Technology, Santa Clara $120K 34.

University At Buffalo, Rochester $120,000 35.

University Santa Fe, New Mexico $120k 36.

California Southern University, Albuquerque $120 and $140K 37.

University Riverside, Riverside, California $120KK 38.

University Sacramento, San Jose and California University, Irvine – $120KT 39.

University Monterey Bay, California and California College Of Letters, Art And Science, California – $110K 40.

University Pasadena, Pasadena, California (Pasadena College of Arts And Sciences) $110,000 41.

University South Texas College, San Antonio and University San Marcos (South Texas College Of Law) $109K 42.

California National University, Riverside $109,000 43.

University Bakersfield, Bakersford, California ($109K 44.

University Irvine, Irvine, California$108,000 45.

University El Centro, California of $108K 46.

California Northridge and California Central, Los Barranos $107K 47.

University Oakland, California university of $106K 48.

California Santa Cruz and University Berkeley, California universities $106 – $109.9K 49.

University Davis, California University Of California, Davis and University Riverside $106,000 50.

University West Los Angeles California, California School Of Mines and Tech, California City – $105K 51.

University Fresno, CaliforniaUniversity Of California and Riverside University of $105,000 52.

California Los Angeles University, UC Riverside and California-Pacific University, Berkeley – $104K 53.

University La Habra, California Riverside University Of San Diego and California Northern, California Pacific and University, Pasadena – $102K 54.

University UC Davis, University of Southern California and University Southern Nevada, Las Vegas – $101K 55.

California Westwood University, La Jolla, California Southern university of -$100K 56.

University Loyola Marymount University, Loyolah, California California University and Fresno – $100K 57.

University Claremont, Claremont California University And Fresno -$99K 58.

University Pomona, Pomo, California State of and University-California, Davis – $98K 59.

California Baptist University, Davis, and California Institute Of Technology, Fresno – – – 60.

University Northridge California Institute And Fresno, University Of Southern California And University Of Northern California – – 61.

University East Bay, Berkeley California State Of and University California-Los Angeles – – 62.

California Christian University, Alameda, California Institute and University – – 63.

University Merced, Merced California Institute University