Which schools will be the first to unveil their 2018/19 home kits?

The first of the four new kits to debut at the 2019/20 FIFA World Cup in Russia will be unveiled on Friday.

The kits will be available for pre-sale starting on October 18.

The announcement of the new home kits comes on the same day that the International Olympic Committee has decided to ban the use of the red, white and blue striped Adidas kits in 2018/2019.

The ban means that the new kit will not be able to be worn by teams who have previously worn the Adidas kits.

The new kits will also feature a different design on the front and back.

The colours of the white jersey and blue jersey are the same as the Adidas home kits, with the same white striping in place of the Adidas stripes.

The Adidas kits were introduced by Adidas during the World Cup, and the new kits were made by the Spanish-owned Spanish company.

The unveiling of the first kit comes ahead of the start of the season, when many of the teams in the European leagues will be hoping to have a good start to the campaign.