Student who died in fire at university says he did not know what was happening

UP NEXT Student Michael Rauch was on a school trip to Florida when he was killed in a fire at the University of Delaware.

He was 23 years old.

A post-mortem examination of his body found that he died from smoke inhalation.

He had asthma and was on his way to meet up with his family for the weekend.

His family says the university is responsible for the fire.

“It was definitely not something we would have thought of, in hindsight, to be a student in the first place,” said Rauhts mother, Laura.

She said she is upset about what happened to her son.

“I’m just heartbroken.

My son would have loved this university,” she said.

She also wants the university to provide more resources for students with asthma.

“The University of Delaware, it’s a very small, local school, and they need to do a better job of making sure that students who have asthma are given the resources that they need,” said Laura Rauchan.

The university released a statement saying: “We are committed to making sure students with respiratory illnesses are given timely access to all resources and opportunities available to them, including all appropriate health screenings.”

The university also said they are committed and working closely with the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services.

Students with asthma and other chronic conditions can find other ways to attend classes, including taking a transit pass to the airport, or going to an indoor sports arena.

The school also said that they are looking into ways to provide additional education and training to students with symptoms of asthma.

Students who have symptoms of the illness can find the latest news and updates on their university’s website.

The University of Virginia, another nearby school, has also received a number of death threats since the fire broke out.

Students and faculty have also been sharing their stories of frustration.

Students at Tulane University are sharing their experiences after a fire engulfed the campus and killed a student.

(Published Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2019)