Texas Southern University students rally in support of lynn University


(AP) The Texas Southern university students rallied Tuesday in support the lynn, a Confederate soldier who was hanged by a mob in 1863 and who has been a focus of protests for decades.

The group called the rally to mark the 75th anniversary of the lynching.

Students were on hand to commemorate the event.

The university has been at the forefront of efforts to reinstate the flag on its campus in recent years, but it’s a rare occurrence in a conservative Southern state where Confederate flags are banned.

The campus flag was retired by the state in 2012.

UTSA has faced criticism over the past few years over how it handled protests over the university’s decision to remove the Confederate flag.

The school’s president in 2015 told the Dallas Morning News that the decision to scrap the flag was a “mistake” that would have no bearing on the school’s commitment to civil rights.

UT has since re-imposed the flag, but the university has also faced backlash from student groups over the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

UT also removed its logo from a Confederate statue on campus.