Kansans plan to vote in U of T-themed referendum


Jay Inslee says voters in Kansas will be asked to choose between the “Kansans of the future” and the “U of T.”

The plan would require voters to indicate which of the two options they prefer.

Inslee made the announcement Wednesday at a news conference.

The state constitution requires that voters must choose “one of the candidates for governor.”

The GOP-led legislature approved the measure last year.

“I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves,” Inslee said.

“We’re going to take a hard look at this, but we’re going forward with it.”

He added that the “question of which university should be here” will be “an issue that will be debated in this election.”

He said voters would also have the opportunity to express their preferences for which of their schools would be the state’s “first choice.”

The question will be up for a yes-or-no vote in November 2018.

The ballot question is the latest in a series of proposals that Republicans have pushed to make Kansas more competitive.

They’ve tried to reduce public-sector funding, cut state aid and cut benefits for Kansan families.

In April, the Republican-led Legislature eliminated a law that allowed students to pay tuition for tuition at public universities.

The law was designed to prevent the state from subsidizing tuition for some students.

Republicans also cut public-safety spending and reduced a $5 million aid package to schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Democrats, meanwhile, have criticized the GOP measures as “unconscionable cuts” to schools that already receive millions of dollars a year in state funding.

Democrats also say the cuts threaten the state budget.