Columbia, UCLA graduate program launches, new programs to fund students

LAS VEGAS — Columbia University and UCLA graduate programs announced Friday they will launch a joint initiative to provide a pathway for students to earn degrees in fields such as technology and business.

The programs will be launched in the fall of 2019, when students who graduated from Columbia and UCLA will be eligible to transfer to one of the two universities, according to a news release.

Columbia and the universities will also work to develop a joint plan to encourage the transfer of graduates from the two programs, the release said.

“Columbia and UCLA are the perfect place to launch a program to help students learn how to earn a college degree and develop their skills and talents, and to give them a chance to work and earn in these new industries and sectors,” Columbia President Michelle Denson said in the release.

The two universities each have campuses in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, and each has more than 30,000 students.

Denson and UCLA Chancellor Dan Hart said in a statement the programs will “bring together the best of our faculty and our research to develop the best possible educational experiences for all of our students.”