How to Get Your College To Pay Your Tuition Now

What’s the difference between a university degree and a university diploma? 

If you want to get a college degree, you’ll need to earn an official “tuition” from the school. 

You’re supposed to pay the school your own tuition, but the government of the state of Iowa has a program that allows colleges to give out tuition waivers for students who need them. 

That’s right: If you need to attend a college for the first time, you can apply for a waiver, even if you’re already enrolled. 

The program, called the Iowa Tuition Waiver Program, was originally created in 2008. 

It was designed to encourage students to take on a new degree at a relatively inexpensive rate. 

Under the waiver, schools could give out as much as $2,000 per student per year for a six-month program, with additional tuition for students taking courses in the summer and for students enrolled in an accredited college. 

While the waiver only covers the first year of enrollment, that could change depending on the college.

For example, if you attend a private college, and want to enroll in a program offered by a public college, you’d be able to get $2 a month, or $4 a month for a four-year degree, according to the university.

 In the fall of 2019, however, the program was suspended due to concerns about financial fraud. 

“The University of Iowa and other universities in Iowa and across the country have been caught red-handed,” wrote the College Board in a letter to the University of California, saying that the university had been “the subject of a widespread campaign of fraud.” 

“Universities are not supposed to be able steal money from students, but now that’s exactly what they are doing,” wrote John Rieck, vice president of the Association of Private Colleges and Universities. 

Rieck is the vice president for academic affairs for the University at Buffalo, the largest public college in the United States. 

According to a report from The Washington Post, the University was also caught accepting money from two companies to cover tuition costs. 

 The report said that a company called Acadia Global had paid the university $1.9 million in tuition waivers in 2017. 

A second company, AmeriCorps, paid the University $1 million for four years. 

But the University’s administration did not respond to multiple requests for comment. 

At least some of the money that went to the universities came from companies affiliated with the Department of Education. 

University at Buffalo did not immediately respond to a request for comment, as did the University College of Wales in Wales. 

If you need help getting a degree from a private university, check out this video.