West Coast University announces three-year plan for research

It has emerged that the University of West Australia (UWA) has a plan to build a new research centre and upgrade the existing facilities.UWA Chief Executive Professor of Psychology Ian Chappell said the research centre was to be developed in partnership with the University and that it would help to create an even more sustainable and effective research environment.

“The new research facility will provide our students with the opportunity to develop new and innovative approaches to research and education, while providing the foundation for the development of the next generation of research leaders in Australia,” Professor Chappel said.

“It will be an exciting opportunity for the students, staff and faculty of the university to be able to develop a more integrated and innovative research culture.”

The centre will be the home of the UWA Institute for Neuroscience, the first of its kind in Australia.

Professor Chappal said the new centre would provide the same quality of research as the existing Centre for Excellence in Neuroscience.

“There will be two new faculty, two new graduate students and a couple of new undergraduate students,” he said.

It will also house a new laboratory, an international neuroscience research laboratory and the new research institute.

The Centre for Brain Science, which was established in 2013, is one of Australia’s leading neuroscience research centres.

It is located in the north-west corner of the state in Victoria, just off the NSW border.