How to help Santa Clara University’s students cope with sexual assault

Santa Clara, California – When a female student reported to a police officer that a male student sexually assaulted her, she was horrified.

“The first thing that I thought was, I don’t want to be alone with him,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous.

“It was like, I have to leave this world.”

But the woman’s fear was not unfounded.

In January 2018, Santa Clara police began investigating the case.

The police report says that in October 2018, a female freshman student reported that an older male student had sexually assaulted and assaulted her.

The female student also said that a student who was not her friend had raped her as well.

She said the younger male student also threatened to “kill me and my family.”

Santa Clara university is a Christian institution founded in 1883.

Its students are taught in a strict Christian manner.

They are required to live in dorms that are separate from the rest of the campus.

The university’s president, Michael Weinstein, was fired by his predecessor, the late former President Bill Clinton, in 1998 for violating campus policies that prohibited students from having sexual contact outside of a formal dating relationship.

Weinstein is currently awaiting trial for violating the law by engaging in sexual misconduct with two female students, according to a lawsuit filed by the victims.

A university investigation into the allegations, which is ongoing, found that Weinstein, who was married at the time of the assaults, was “engaged in a sexual relationship” with the women.

The two women said that Weinstein told them that he was “the only guy who could take care of me and get me through these things” and that he “had to be there for me.”

He later apologized for his actions, telling reporters that he had “done wrong.”

The women filed the lawsuit in January 2019, accusing Weinstein of “a pattern of behavior that included sexually harassing, assaulting and sexually violating” the women during their college years.

Weinstein was arrested and charged with eight counts of sexual misconduct and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Weinstein has denied the allegations.

The first allegations came to light when the two women reported the incidents to Santa Clara’s police department in late January.

The women say they were shocked and angered by what they learned about the sexual assault.

“I don’t think any other school in America would have investigated it this way,” said one of the women, who said she was a student in the same class as the first woman.

And we’re still dealing with it.” “

They were the only people who knew how to do this.

And we’re still dealing with it.”

The first incident in December 2018 happened at a party held by the university’s student government, when the woman reported that Weinstein had invited her to a party for him and her friends.

The woman told the police that she met Weinstein and two other students at the party, where she said they began having sexual encounters.

“We just got to a point where it was like we had sex all night long,” the woman said.

“And I just wanted to run away.

I was like ‘this is not right.'”

The women went to the police and told the officer what had happened.

The officer told the women that the officers were going to file charges against Weinstein, but he was adamant that the accusations were false.

The second incident happened a month later, when a woman came forward and said that she had been assaulted by Weinstein in October.

She told the investigator that she and a friend went to a bar in Santa Clara with another student, who had been drinking and she was also there with him.

The friend told the investigators that Weinstein followed her to the bathroom and “forced himself on her.”

The second victim said she and the other student were in a cab when Weinstein came in, grabbed her by the arm and sexually assaulted them.

The third incident happened in early January 2019 when the third victim was told by a fellow student that she was going to have sex with Weinstein in his dorm room.

The man, who also asked to be identified by his first name, said he did not believe the story.

The student told the student to stop and then went back into the room, and Weinstein followed.

The next day, the student reported the incident to Santa Cruz Police, who then took the case to the Santa Clara campus police.

The victim told police that “she was upset” because she had felt like she had “to be alone” and was trying to make a “better decision.”

“I didn’t think this was happening at a place like Santa Clara,” the victim said.

Santa Clara Police were initially unable to confirm the allegations because the incident had not been reported to the university by the time the second woman came to the campus police station.

However, after reviewing the second victim’s report, Santa Cruz police confirmed that they were able to identify the second student who had