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Purdue, Maryland’s University of Maryland, has announced it will relocate its campus in Baltimore.

The university, located in Purdue’s northwest neighborhood, will be moving to its new campus at 1221 N. Maryland St. in Maryland’s capital, Baltimore, in 2018, and will continue as a small liberal arts college.

Purdue President Eric B. Barger said in a statement that the university “will continue to support its students and their families and will remain in the Baltimore community to support our local community.”

Barger said Purdue will be the first Maryland university to relocate to Baltimore.

In the past, Purdue has said it will stay in Maryland as a community college, with some schools like Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins, and Maryland Institute College of Art and Design in Maryland also considering moves.

Barger has said that moving the university to Baltimore “would provide us with a much needed campus with a large student body and the opportunity to expand and strengthen the University’s leadership and student-athlete development program.”

Purdue’s move comes after the University and University of North Carolina announced plans to relocate from Raleigh to Durham, North Carolina, where Purdue already has a campus.

In March, Purfoot College of Science announced it would move from its home in Philadelphia to its location in Wilmington, Northampton County, Delaware.

Purdue is the fourth Maryland institution to announce its move.

In January, Pursee University announced that it would be moving from its campus at 3201 N. North Ave.

in Baltimore to its current location, 3141 N. Washington St. The move will bring its enrollment to about 7,500.

A university spokesman said the move will be made in conjunction with Purdue officials, who are working to finalize the terms of the new agreement.