How to protect yourself against sexual assault: University of Arizona

The University of California at Berkeley is the latest to announce it will require its female faculty members to wear a dress code when they enter classrooms.

The university’s Board of Regents voted to add a dress-code requirement for the 2017-2018 academic year, and the university will start with three female faculty.

The move comes after sexual assault survivor Jackie said in a speech on campus that her assault had been an intentional act, that her attacker was an angry ex-boyfriend, and that she did not want to be raped.

The vote was unanimous.

University of California Board of Registrars Chairman and President Steve Zimmer said that the vote reflected the university’s commitment to ensuring that every member of the UC Berkeley community has the opportunity to experience the kind of safety that we all have in the classroom.

The Board of Directors voted unanimously to enact the requirements in a resolution adopted on Tuesday.

The University of Oklahoma released a statement Wednesday night saying it was “devastated” by the decision.

“We are disappointed that the university Board of Trustees has not made it a priority to ensure that our community is safe,” the university said.

“As the nation’s most prestigious university, OU supports the First Amendment and is committed to ensuring its students, faculty, staff, and guests feel safe in our campus, including during the commencement of new student years.

UO President David Boren told the Associated Press that the University will make every effort to accommodate women during commencement ceremonies, but will not require faculty to wear uniforms or gowns during the ceremony.

Boren said the decision to include the dress code was made because the university is committed “to creating a safe environment for students to learn and thrive.”

UofO also said it would be creating a new campus safety policy.

Last month, Ohio State University became the third U.S. public university to enact a dress requirement for its incoming class of 2021.

The college said it will allow women to wear skirts during commencement, and a student-run student organization is working on a petition asking that the campus be declared a safe place.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.