‘The first time I saw Trump’: The first time he said the word ‘covfefe’

The first Trump-related tweet he tweeted was in February 2017, when he criticized the United Nations for taking too long to respond to his request for aid for Puerto Rico.

He was also in the middle of a debate with Hillary Clinton about whether he should be president.

In the following weeks, he continued to tweet about the hurricanes and the pandemic.

He also began to use a new phrase: “covfwefe.”

Trump said in one tweet that the term was an “inappropriate” way to refer to his response to hurricanes.

He called it “cravfefe,” but it was later changed to “cnn covfefe” and “cron covfefefe.”

“We’re not saying ‘Covfete,” Trump said.

“We’re saying covfete covfech.”

Trump’s tweets have since grown increasingly combative, with some even calling him a “crazed liar” and a “fraud.”

He has also criticized CNN, which is owned by Time Warner.

“I think it’s terrible,” he said.

Trump has repeatedly said the media is not fair to him, and said he will not use Twitter to criticize them.

He has also called for CNN to change its name.