Princeton University says its students are more likely to get sick from pollution than other students, according to new study

By JOHN WALKERAssociated PressNew Jersey (AP)Princeton University researchers say students in the Ivy League are more susceptible to health problems from air pollution than those at the nation’s other Ivy League schools.Princeton, a private, for-profit university founded in 1875, has about 10,000 undergraduates and about 40,000 graduate students.A Princeton spokesman said the school had no […] →Read more

When will the new ‘Bachelor’ show be premiering on ABC?

A new ABC comedy series from the studio behind hit sitcom ‘The Bachelor’ has been put on hold, amid reports that the network is considering reviving a popular format.The series, which had its Australian premiere last week, was set to debut on ABC in the coming weeks.The show, which has been developed by the ABC […] →Read more

Students at Florida University are calling for boycotts after President Johnson’s visit

A group of Florida University students are calling on the school to stop Johnson’s trip to Washington, D.C. because they say he has “misguided” his mission.On Tuesday, Johnson was scheduled to address a joint session of Congress, but he canceled the event after a group of students and faculty members called for a boycott.The students […] →Read more

When does an employee of a local university get fired?

By DAVID BOWEN | REUTERS | REUTERS.-/APFILE|APFILE |AP | AFP | Getty ImagesFile PhotoPresident Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk to a rally at the State Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., July 6, 2019.President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally in Miami Beach, Fla., on July 5, 2019.(AP Photo/Alex […] →Read more

Microsoft announces new partnership with ABC News, Disney, NBCUniversal

Posted April 12, 2018 12:48:02Microsoft announced Monday that it is partnering with ABC, Disney and NBCUniversal to create a digital news platform called Universal News Platform.Universal News will allow consumers to create, share and watch their own content and stories.Microsoft says the new partnership will help it grow its News and Analysis team, and help […] →Read more

How to create a high quality online presence for your company

The internet is not an isolated phenomenon and it is happening in the same way that a small company can grow in the face of increasing competition.The internet enables businesses to reach customers faster and more effectively, and these days there is plenty of opportunity for companies to expand their reach online and reach consumers […] →Read more

Why I hate ‘The Interview’

It’s not just the title that’s an issue here.It’s the film’s message of powerlessness and the idea that the power that’s available to everyone is so skewed towards the powerful and wealthy that it’s almost laughable.I don’t think it’s good for our country, the message is really, I think the message of The Interview really […] →Read more

How to find the best colleges and universities in Australia

The best places to live in Australia.This infographic highlights the top 50 universities and colleges for each state and territory.The infographic is from a new study commissioned by the Australia Institute, which is a non-profit organisation that promotes and encourages the Australian education system.The institute’s co-founder and CEO, Professor Simon Tait, says Australia’s public universities […] →Read more

Texas Southern University students rally in support of lynn University

MEMPHIS, Tenn.(AP) The Texas Southern university students rallied Tuesday in support the lynn, a Confederate soldier who was hanged by a mob in 1863 and who has been a focus of protests for decades.The group called the rally to mark the 75th anniversary of the lynching.Students were on hand to commemorate the event.The university has […] →Read more

How Google’s new ‘Google Glass’ will change the world

When Google’s Glass was first announced in late 2016, its main selling point was the ability to see in augmented reality.Now, Google is making Glass available for the first time as a standalone accessory.In a Google+ post, Google’s head of product marketing and advertising, Tom Neumeier, said that Glass is designed to be a great […] →Read more