How to take advantage of postgraduate employment in Boston

By Brian Condon, Boston.Posted October 21, 2019 12:33:10One thing that will be familiar to many students and recent grads is the amount of student debt that they have to pay.Postgraduate student debt, or PFD, is another major expense for students and is estimated to be at least $13,000 per student.According to the Federal Reserve Bank […] →Read more

Penn State’s defense spending, education funding and jobs

By Matt Flegel-MuellerAssociated PressAssociated PressAUGUSTA, Ga.(AP) The University of Pennsylvania has hired an outside law firm to examine whether its university’s law school is subject to state restrictions that prohibit colleges and universities from participating in a lawsuit over the death of a student.The firm hired by the university on Monday, the University of Delaware, […] →Read more

“The world of tomorrow” is coming, as universities embrace blockchain and AI

The world of academia is finally embracing blockchain and artificial intelligence, according to an article by the Next Big Forward Network (NBN) in a blog post titled “The future of academia”.According to the author, the article was written in conjunction with the annual conference, Next Big Futures.The conference is being held this year in Atlanta, […] →Read more

What you need to know about the state of Arizona’s health care system

On Friday, a federal judge will hear arguments in a lawsuit filed by several Arizona health care workers who allege they were fired after they were found to have not paid their rent, food, and other basic costs.The workers say their claims have been denied.In a separate lawsuit filed last month, workers at the Arizona […] →Read more

How to avoid the ‘buckeye monster’ on the field and in the locker room

The ‘bacchus monster’ is back on the college football field.It’s back.The Buckeyes have gone and gotten it from their rivals, Texas, with the arrival of quarterback Baker Mayfield and his new teammates at Texas Tech.Texas Tech’s offense was a joke for much of the season, averaging less than 30 points per game, but the Cowboys’ […] →Read more

How to Get Away with Being a Gay Boy in America

The world is changing.This is the moment we’ve been waiting for.As the gay community grapples with the challenges of coming out, a new, groundbreaking documentary from filmmaker and activist Scott Adams has made waves.The film, “The Other Side of the Rainbow,” features interviews with dozens of LGBT activists, politicians, activists and celebrities, including actors Tom […] →Read more

Students are ‘not ready’ for university education in ‘white, privileged’ US

NEW YORK — A new study by the University of Louisville has found that while most college graduates in the United States are white, a majority of college graduates are black, Hispanic and Asian.The study, published Thursday in the journal American Sociological Review, shows that while the overwhelming majority of African-American and Hispanic students attend […] →Read more

Why we love Hawaii: A look at the islands’ cultural history

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s a good place to go to learn about Hawaii’s past.And it’s a place where you can still find the occasional Hawaiian tattoo.There’s also a strong Hawaiian culture.But if you’re not into tattoos, you’ll be a bit stuck with that, which is where New York University’s School of American Samoa (SAS) and […] →Read more

When we talk about the US we don’t talk about universities anymore

UNIVERSITY OF HANSEN, Texas — We are now living in a world in which it is no longer a university but a city and we have the technology to move beyond the words “university” to “city”.There is no denying that the University of Texas system has been hit by the recession and has been forced […] →Read more

How to tell if your employer is a scammer: the Harvard MBA grad

Harvard MBA graduate Matthew Lutz was fired from his job as a recruiter at a Boston-based pharmaceutical company after a complaint.Lutz says he was terminated for being “too good” at his job.“I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m a perfect person.But I’ve done my job,” he says in a video posted on […] →Read more